About Cameroon

Situated in the Gulf of Guinea, Cameroon is at the crossroads of West and Central Africa.

It is often said that Cameroon is "all of Africa in one country". Outside the cities you will find the continent's second largest equatorial forest, open grasslands, verdant mountains and semi-desert. The unspoilt coast offers both jungle-lined white sand in Kribi and beaches of grey volcanic sand in the Limbe area, under a skyline dominated by the active volcano of Mount Cameroon - at 4100m the highest point in West and Central Africa. You can drive and hike through breath-taking mountain scenery in the western highlands, trek among remote tribes untouched by the outside world in the Alantika Mountains and marvel at the extraordinary landscapes of the Mandara Mountains near Rhumsiki. Impressive national parks harbour a wide range of wildlife including lowland gorillas, forest and savanna elephants and Derby's eland among many others. Particularly rich flora is to be found in one of the oldest forests in the world within Korup Park, and the Dja Reserve is home to the Baka, or pygmies, the first inhabitants of Cameroon. With over 250 ethnic groups within its borders, Cameroon enjoys a multitude of rich traditions and cultures and is home to ancient tribal kingdoms and a variety of handicrafts, colourful festivals and architectural styles.

Both English and French are widely spoken, there is an excellent choice of African and European cuisine and of characterful and varied places to stay.

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