I had been waiting a long time (some twenty-five years) to visit Cameroon and it was great to discover my dream had come true last January (2015) that such a trip had been advertised.
I was met at Douala airport by Joseph Mbindong Nintai, our tour guide, and I soon realised that he was just the man for the job.

Cameroon is a beautiful country and full of culture. Our trip had been carefully worked out so that we had a varied and well balanced itinerary. Perhaps two of the most memorable highlights were our visit to the village of Okpwa, where we learnt about the village customs of the Bororo people and the Dja Reserve were we learnt about the Ba'Aka Pygmies. However, there was never a dull moment. The Cameroonian people were always friendly and hospitable wherever we went.

On our arrival Joseph gave us a short briefing about our itinerary and organised a few mundane matters such as changing money. Joseph was always willing to share his knowledge, whether it be taking us around the vibrant markets, showing us some of the many lakes and waterfalls or introducing us to some of the palaces in the various Kingdoms. In Okpwa, not only did he take us on a walk of the village but he also introduced us to the local school. He also showed us his expertise as a cook. I think we will especially remember his vegetable soup which was all cut by hand from fresh vegetables.

There were many other interesting visits that Joseph arranged such as the making of palm oil, a flower plantation and the Babungo Foundation, a village community initiative which includes a pig farm, clinic and school.

In conclusion, Cameroon has a great deal to offer and we were very lucky to have Joseph with us to bring everything to life. I cannot recommend Joseph too highly as a tour leader and when the trip ended it felt like saying goodbye to a friend.

Richard, UK, travelled January 2015


Joseph was a careful and considerate guide during a January 2015 visit to Cameroon with its fascinating kingdoms and friendly people. He was always looking for extras, such as weddings and funerals which gave us insight into some of the “real” culture of Cameroon. A bonus was his expertise in the very limited kitchens where he produced vegetable soup and omelettes of high quality. His guiding added greatly to the trip.

Jim, Canada, travelled January 2015


I was lucky enough to have Joseph as a guide for a fantastic visit to Cameroon. It was a great trip, including visiting many local king's palaces and even meeting the Fons (kings) themselves. We also spent time with pygmies in the Dja forest, a fascinating experience with a community very much under threat from logging and encroaching "civilisation". Joseph was a very knowledgeable and helpful guide with a very extensive local knowledge, who made many of the great experiences possible. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any trip to Cameroon, just as I would recommend anybody who wants to go a little off the regular tourist track to visit the country.

Nigel, UK, travelled November 2013


Joseph is a lovely guy, very knowledgeable and obliging. He clearly loves his beautiful country and is very keen to share it with others. He also makes the most delicious vegetable soup!

Lynn, UK, travelled January 2015


I just returned from an amazing trip to Cameroon, where I had an excellent guide and driver. Joseph is very knowledgeable, speaks excellent English, and is extraordinarily creative in finding unique, out of the way events and places. He managed to get us front row seats to a group wedding, and we were able to participate in a huge funeral celebration with guns, tribal dancing, ritual and food. We stayed with Fulani tribesman and the Pygmies. It was a rough trip, but amazing.
Joseph has a lovely personality, and relates beautifully to the local people, especially the children. And he is also completely available to his travelers. He is also a terrific chef. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Our driver, Armstrong, was also excellent.

Judy, USA, travelled January 2015


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