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Day 1, Arrive Douala
Arrive Douala, meet and greet at the airport. Transfer to the hotel, dinner and night at the hotel.


Day 2, Buea – Limbe
Departure for Buea through the Mutengene road that climbs the foothills of Mount Cameroon. Tour of this former German capital, descent to Limbe through the “Tea Road” (vast tea plantation) to Limbe. Stop at Bojongo to visit one of Cameroon’s oldest catholic churches, constructed by the German Pallotin Missionaries more than 100 years ago. From this magnificent site, on a clear day, we will have a panoramic view of Limbe, the Atlantic Ocean and nearby islands. Then continue through local Bakweri villages to Limbe. After lunch at The Botanic Garden Restaurant, visit the Botanic Garden, The Limbe Wild Life Center and the 1999 lava flow of Mt.Cameroon. Dinner and overnight at the Semme New Beach hotel.


Day 3, Limbe – Bandjoun – Bafoussam
Departure from Limbe for the West. Arrival in Penja, visit to a pepper and tropical flowers plantation. Continue to Nkongsamba and Melong, visit to Ekom Falls, a huge waterfall about 80 meters high, which was used as a setting for the Tarzan film Greystoke with Christopher Lambert. Picnic lunch. Arrival in Bandjoun, visit to one of the most beautiful Bamileke chief’s palaces. Dinner and night at the hotel.


Day 4, Bamenda – Bafut – Bamenda
Departure for Bamenda, stop to visit Metchié Falls, a shrine where the Bamileke people come and consult their ancestors to get rid of some of the ills that plague their lives. Lunch. 20 kilometres from the town, visit to Bafut Chiefdom, which is the most famous on the ring road. Welcome at the Fon's Palace, visit, traditional dances performed by masked princes. Dinner and night at hotel.


Day 5, Wum – Okpwa
Departure for Mentchum and Wum. Along the way, visit to the Mentchum Falls. Arrival, welcome by the local guide. Short trekking (optional, about 1 hour 30 minutes) to Okpwa village,populated by Bororo people displaced by the Lake Nyos disaster. These people, of Fulani origin, are very welcoming and friendly, and are great herdsmen and farmers. Spending the evening in the village with the people is a wonderful experience. Dinner and night in a village home or under canvas.


Day 6, Lake Nyos - Okpwa
Breakfast, village visit. Life in this wonderful village is dominated by activities that reflect the people´s lifestyle, such as small-scale production of milk which is one of their main food items and is used by women to produce butter. These people, especially the women, are renowned for their skill in braiding. Depending on the state of the road, visit to Lake Nyos. Second night in the village.


Day 7, Bamenda – Bamessing – Babungo
Breakfast, and departure by the ring road. Along the way, visit to the Bamessing pottery, as well as the Babungo museum and chief’s palace, where the chief has a very large collection of masks (about 3000). Check-in and lunch at Kwa Kwa Guest House. Dinner and overnight.


Day 8, Babungo – Foumban – Koutaba
Breakfast and visit to some of the projects of the Babungo community : integrated health centre, a medicinal plant garden, a pig farm etc. Departure for Foumban, the chief town of the Bamoun Sultanate, with two museums and a palace, the handicraft capital of the West: Foumban is a unique Cameroonian town. You will discover the Bamoun people and their traditions. You will hear about the Bamoun Dynasty and the original personality of King Njoya, who became Sultan and invented a religion (a mixture of Christianity, Islam and Animism) and, in particular, the Bamoun writing. Visit to the Sultan’s palace and his museum, the handicraft village and the Bamoun Art and Tradition Museum. Dinner and night at the hotel.


Day 9, Bangante – Yaounde
Breakfast and departure for Yaounde, through Bangangte. On the Bafia road, visit to Makenene meet way bush market. Picnic lunch and continue to Yaounde, dinner and night at the hotel.


Day 10, Yaounde – Lomie
Early morning breakfast and departure to Lomié. The road cuts across dense equatorial forest and Bantou villages. A stop at the Nyong river and lunch at Abongbang. Continue with stops at some villages or to witness daily activities like traditional fishing. As we approach Lomié, Baka pygmy villages become common. Arrive Lomié, dinner and overnight at the hotel.


Days 11 and 12, Dja reserve – Matisson ( Pygmy Village)
Breakfast and departure to the Baka pygmy village of Matisson. Arrive Matisson, start to experience pygmy life by assisting in constructing your own hut (mougoulou) and bed where you will spend the night. Walk around the village, partaking in various activities, play Baka games, follow the villagers into the forest to collect palm wine and honey. Collect medicinal plants with these very good traditional doctors for whom the forest is the source of all things. In the evening, story telling around the huge campfire and participation in the spectacular Baka dance.


Day 13, Lomie – Yaounde – Ebogo
Breakfast, farewell chats with the pygmies and departure for Yaounde. Lunch on the way. Arrive Yaounde. Continue to the ecotourism village of Ebogo on the banks of the river Nyong. Dinner and overnight at Lodge.


Day 14, Mefou Primate Sanctuary – Yaounde – Kribi
Boat ride on the Nyong river and walk in the equatorial rainforest to discover its rich flora and medicinal plants. Return to Ebogo and depart to Mefou to visit the Primate Sanctuary. Continue to the seaside town of Kribi.


Day 15, Ebodje - Kribi
Morning excursion to Ebodje village. With its small fishing harbour and large sandy beaches, Ebodje has been declared a sea turtle protection site. Indeed, the turtles come regularly to lay their eggs on the beaches from November to January. Tour of the village with a guide to visit the museum, see how canoes are made and how fish is smoked. Return to Kribi, visit and lunch at the Lobe waterfall. Dinner and second night at hotel.


Day 16, Londji – Kribi
Optional visit to Londji beach and fishing village. Relax afternoon at beach. Dinner and overnight at hotel.


Day 17, Douala-Edea Reserve – Douala – Return flight
Departure for Pongo Songo village in Douala-Edea reserve, where baby chimpanzees are found. The reserve is managed by an association that subsequently releases them into Pongo Songo Island on the Sanaga river when they become adults. Watch chimpanzees, these creatures which are so close to us, so smart, gentle and wild at the same time. Picnic lunch. Return to Douala for your flight home

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